The Clockface

On this clockface, the activity data is displayed as vertical bars, the height of which increases in accordance with the approach to the daily goal. When you reach the daily goal for a value, the bar goes to the top of the display. At the same time, you will be rewarded with a (white) star. If you continue to exceed your daily goal, the star color changes - when you reach 1.5 times the daily goal to silver, when you double the daily goal to gold.

CD Digital BTCD Digital BT

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The following operating options are available on this clockface:

  • Tap the upper left corner of the display: switch/toggle the data group
  • Double-tap the upper right corner of the display: Switch on/off the integrated flashlight.

  • Data group 1: Steps/Calories/Distance
  • Data group 2: Floors/active minutes/hourly steps

The pulse is colored depending on the current heart rate zone:

  • White: below fat burning
  • Green: fat burning
  • Yellow: cardio
  • Red: peak level

Star colors:

  • - white: daily goal reached
  • - silver: 1,5 x daily goal reached
  • - gold: 2 x daily goal reached


The Settings on the Smartphone

In the settings on the smartphone, you can

  • select individual colors for each data bar,
  • switch off the flashlight function.