I welcome you to the page on my Fitbit developments, where you will find detailed information about the watch faces I have developed for Fitbit Ionic, Sense and the Versa family, as well as a detailed description of the training app for runners, the VirtualPartner (X).

All my work and this website are created in my free time and in no way claim professionalism. You can download all watch faces and the VirtualPartner free of charge for your Fitbit watch in the Fitbit App Gallery.

You can find it either via your Fitbit app on your smartphone by searching for Capitano there or as a direct download link here on the page (which also leads to the Fitbit App Gallery). To access a link from this page, it must be opened on the device that is connected to your Fitbit watch via Bluetooth.

Help me improve

You are welcome to send me a message via email or the contact form. I am also very happy to receive suggestions and feedback on my work. Don't forget to rate my clockfaces in the Fitbit app gallery!

Support my work

I develop and support the watch faces and the VirtualPartner in my free time and I would be happy to provide them to everyone free of charge. This website is also operated exclusively as a hobby.

If you like my work, use it and want to reward my work, I would be very happy if you could buy me a coffee, a (non-alcoholic) beer, a cola or even an ice cream sundae.

You can do this simply and easily using this donation button or directly via Paypal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: