The VirtualPartner - General

The VirtualPartner is a running app that provides a virtual running partner on the Fitbit Ionic or Fitbit Versa. A run with the VirtualPartner is recorded as an exercise and, after synchronizing with the Fitbit app, is displayed as run training in the user's activity log. All activity data and the route covered are saved as a GPS path.

Due to the technical development of the Fitbit-Versa, there are two versions of the VirtualPartner. The VirtualPartnerX is described below. The differences to the VirtualPartner are explained on the corresponding page.

Before starting a training session, you can specify a route and a duration that the virtual partner will run at a constant speed. In this way, you can permanently check whether you keep to the specifications in the cut yourself and whether the specified route runs in the desired time or in the specified time.

Here you can set the VirtualPartner so that the training ends either after the set time or the set distance.

During the training, the following data is displayed on the watch:

  • Distance to the virtual running partner in seconds or meters/miles
  • Walked route
  • Elapsed duration
  • Current pace
  • Current pulse
  • Current heart rate zone

In addition to the running parameters, heart rate monitoring can be activated. I.e. one specifies a pulse upper and lower limit and receives a vibration signal if the pulse leaves this interval.

You can find a quick overview with all the operating options of the VirtualPartner here: VirtualPartner - Video Quick Overview.

VirtualPartner has already been listed in one of the first versions of the online tech magazine as one of the best apps for the Fitbit Ionic.

You can find the corresponding article here.