The Clockface

This clockface isn't available in the public Fitbit App Gallery, so it can only be loaded onto the watch using the link below. 

Download-Link: CD Pako Cool

The following operating options are available on this clock face:

  • Double-tap upper right corner: switch on the integrated flashlight
  • Tap the lower-right corner: Change background
  • Tap the lower-left corner: Toggle data in the second line of activity data:
    Hourly steps / active zone minutes and distance/floors

The pulse is colored depending on the current heart rate zone:

  • White: below fat burning
  • Green: fat burning
  • Yellow: cardio
  • Red: peak level

The Settings on the Smartphone 

In the settings on the smartphone you can:

  • deactivate the flashlight function,
  • switch the icons of the activity data between white and blue,
  • switch of the display of the colored heart rate according to the heart rate zones. zones can be switched off.