The Clockface

The CD Classic Blue HRC clockface is a variation of CD Classic Blue, in which heart rate monitoring is integrated.

A heart rate interval can be specified in the settings on the smartphone. If a heart rate is measured outside this interval, the smartwatch emits a vibration signal, which can be set in the settings on the smartphone (see below).

By tapping the lower right corner, some statistical heart rate data and the heartbeat history of the last 30 minutes can be displayed.

This clockface is available for the Fitbit Ionic only.

 CD Classic Blue HRCCD Classic Blue HRCCD Classic Blue HRC

Download-Link: CD Classic Blue HRC

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Number of ratings: 452

The following operating options are available on this clockface:

  • Tap the upper left corner of the display: Change the color of the background.
  • Tap the lower-left corner of the display: Change the displayed data groups and the layout.
  • Double-tap the upper right corner of the display: Switch on/off the integrated flashlight.
  • Tap on the lower right corner - Show the screen with the heart data.
    The large display of the current heart rate is highlighted in green when the pulse is within the set interval - on the other hand, it is highlighted in red.
  • Tap on the activity data: Change/Toggle the data triple.

The Settings on the Smartphone

In the settings on the smartphone you can:

  • switch of the possibility to switch the background color,
  • switch of the possibility to toggle the activity data triple,
  • deactivate the flashlight function,
  • switch on an automatic data switching and an interval that can be set in 5 seconds steps.


The pulse alarm is set in the second block in the settings. Here you can:

  • activate the heartrate control,
  • set the lower and upper limit of the heart rate interval. You get a warning signal if your heart rate is below the lower limit or above the upper limit.
  • Finally, you can enter the warning interval in which the vibration alarm is triggered as long as the pulse is not in the desired range.